Sell/Consign Your RV
Sell Your RV in 25 Days
After 16 years in the RV business, we have found the following to be true
The maximum selling price of an RV almost always happens within the first 30 days of it being listed for sale.
A properly reconditioned coach (appearance wise) increases the value of an RV.  People are going to live and travel in your RV like it’s their own home.  Would you pay the same amount of money for a rundown house as you would for one in good condition?
There’s a lot of competition out there.  If you don’t have your RV competitively priced (notice we didn’t say the lowest price), you won’t generate any interest
People want some type of guarantee when they buy your RV
A buyer of your RV often needs a way of disposing of their own RV, truck, car or even motorcycle.
Saturating the internet with professional quality pictures and the right kind of description brings the maximum response.
Buyers often want you to arrange financing for them.
Many buyers want you to deliver the RV to them

We can offer solutions to all of the above when you consign your RV with RV Direct America.  Sound good so far? So, just how complicated is it to list my RV with RV Direct America?

The answer is, it’s very easy.  Call Lee at 888-375-0200 or
just follow the six easy steps listed below.

Step 1
TO SELL OR CONSIGN YOUR RV, fill out the evaluation form by clicking here
Step 2
We will contact you either by email or phone within 24 hours to discuss what the current market conditions are for your RV.
Step 3
If everything is agreeable, sign and return the consignment form (we require signatures of anyone listed as owner on the title) via e-mail or fax and we will sign and return a copy to you.  We will need a copy of your driver’s license, and proof of insurance.
Step 4
Bring in or have us pick up your RV (free pick up within a hundred miles of our location).  If possible try to empty holding tanks, remove all personal items, and make sure your coach has a half tank of fuel (so we can start and run the generators weekly).
Step 5
Once we get your RV we evaluate what we feel needs to be done to get it in sellable condition.  We contact you either by phone or e-mail with our recommendations.
Step 6
Once we complete the reconditioning of your coach, we list it on the internet or on eBay within 48 hours.  We also contact previous customers on our list of potential buyers who may be interest in your coach. 
That’s all there is. We send you a check within 24 hours of selling your coach, or we send a check to pay off your bank.


Now for a quick review of what you need when it
comes to getting your RV sold and what we offer.


1. Security you’re going to get your money.

2. The ability to:

  • Take trade-ins               
  • Provide financing for potential buyers
  •  Offer a warranty
  • Professionally sell your RV
  • 22 years in business.  Over 7000 vehicles Sold. 
  • Licensed and bonded by the State of Florida. 
  • Member of the NIADA, FIADA
  • Rated A+ by Better Business Bureau
  • We accept all types of trade ins
  • We have many lenders who finance nationwide
  • We offer warranties on most RV’s
  • This is what we do for a living.


Finally, those Frequently Asked Questions
Do you charge a consignment fee?
No we do not charge a consignment fee
What do you need from us in the way of proof of ownership?

We need your original unsigned title.  We will ask if you will sign a power of attorney that allows us to fill in your name at the time of sale.  We do this if you will not be available to come in and sign the title off yourself.  This is an option.  If you are not comfortable doing so, you will not have to sign a power of attorney, but we must have your title on hand before we can sell your coach.

If there is a payoff, we need payoff information based on a per diem charge so we can estimate how much we have to send your bank.  If you owe more on your coach than our consignment agreement, we will require a check made out RV Direct America.  We must be able to verify that funds in that account are available to pay off the difference between what we sell the coach for and what you owe.  The legalities in Florida of selling a coach without the ability to produce title are enormous.  There is no exception to this requirement.

Will you buy my RV if I owe way too much money on it to my bank?
Yes.  If you know you owe way too much money to consign your coach but your bank is willing to take less for it, we can help.  Contact us and we will guide you through this process.
Some consignment dealers charge a flat per cent, say 10% to 20%.  Will you do that for me?

No.  We believe that’s what made real estate companies rich.  Think about it.  What is the motivation under this plan to get you the maximum dollar for your RV?  The answer is, there isn’t any.  The dealer will just try and squeeze you on the price because they will still get there commission.

Trades can also make this percentage very complicated as well.  You always have to allow for a trade-in so, how much do you determine what to put in a buyers trade if your working on a percentage commission of 10 to 20 percent?  This is a common practice by dealers who don’t have the money or resources to merchandise your RV.

What if I want to consign my RV with you and just have you bring me offers?
We’re not interested.  This is a program for people who want to get their RV sold tomorrow, not sift through offers for six months until they realize that old car sale adage “First Money, Best Money”.
Is the consignment form a contract?
Yes.  It is a legally binding contract on both parties.  Unlike 90% of the consignment dealers, we only sign an agreement good for 60 days, not 90.  If there is a reason we haven’t sold your coach in 60 days we need to talk and see if there might be a problem.  We are not in the storage business!  If both parties agree that we need to change tactics, we will sign an additional sixty day contract (there will be minimum lot fees after 60 days).  But the number one priority for us is to get it sold and out in 25 days!
What if after I consign my coach with you I find a buyer for my RV?
No problem.  Bring the buyer to us and we will charge a flat amount over your consignment price.
Will you buy my coach from me at anytime during the consignment period?
Yes.  We will buy your coach at any time.  If it isn’t sold within 60 days, we will make an offer to purchase your RV.
I have a truck I need to sell as well that I pull my trailer with.  Will you consign that as well?
Yes, we have been selling trucks and cars for over 22 years.
Do you perform an inspection on my RV?
Yes, we perform a 28 point inspection to make sure your coach is safe to sell.  If your coach needs any work, we will fix it under your warranty, use your insurance company, or simply provide you a list of needed repairs.
What other things do you do to help sell our RV?
We use table settings, bedspreads and interior decorations to help sell your coach.  We use professional grade pictures of your RV in our internet ads.  We wash and clean the inside of your coach every 10 days.
That pretty much sums up our program. If you have any other questions, please contact us by e-mail or
Call Nate at 407-310-8966. We have a goal of answering
your email questions within 24 hours.



Internet price may not be compatible with dealer sponsored or subsidized subprime financing and does not include additional fees such as government fees, taxes, title and registration fees, and finance charges. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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